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Barbie Surgery: Occidental sexual mutilations???

When we think of sexual mutilation, automatically, for most of us, we think of excisions and infibulations performed to young women in somewhere far away. But what to think about “Barbie” labiaplasty surgeries with complete removal of the labia minora and integral laser hair removal performed on girls as young as 12 years old??? Learn more via the article by Kris Sims.

Originally, reconstructive vaginal surgeries where dedicated to women, often having had many children who suffered stretching or loosening of the tissues following labor and child birth. Following this, certain women with “larger than normal” labia minora become tempted by these medical procedures that give a “cleaner and tighter” look to their vulva. But why stop there??? Why not simply change the norm?!? Or, why not take the look of a prepubescent girl as the vision of normality? Or at a minimum as the definition of standard beauty!

Aside from the medical considerations that are not yet entirely known, I find it alarming to see this tendency to glorify the sexual attributes of small girls. To the point where even young teenage girls feel their adolescent bodies are too ”womanly”. It is all fine and dandy the cult of youth and it is evident, that, for certain people, aging is taken as a nightmare of which one must wake up at all costs. But from this to giving pedophile worries to our partner…

At the base, this plastic surgery was used to repair a deformed and damaged organ. Now, it is used to deform the normal state. I say be proud of being a real woman!

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