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The Scissors Sex Position

This month I present to you a sexual position a little less common but none the less quite interesting called the scissors. It is a sexual position that is easy to perform for both parties and has many advantages. Let’s take a closer look…

First of all, where does the name come from? Well, it is derived from the fact that the partners legs are criss-crossed together like a pair of open scissors! You can perform a lazy form of the position where both parties lie on their sides or the “work-out” version on hands and feet for more amplitude in the movements thus a better calorie burn and higher muscle toning benefits! You may perform the position almost side to side in a 45 degree angle or literally each to one side like a “69″. Naturally, the positioning that you adopt impacts greatly the angle of penetration and thus offers a wide variety of stimulations and tantalizing sensations. Another advantage of the position is that it is easy to modify the angle of the movement without losing the motion.

A deep penetration is possible with this position without requiring any rough movements that could cause discomfort. Many women appreciate the deep penetration that certain positions allow but dislike when their partners penis hits their cervix. The scissor position is ideal for this as it allows control and ease of movements while performing deep penetrations.

Women who prefer clitoral stimulation will be in seventh heaven! Not only both of our partners hands are generally free to perform all sorts of interesting things but due to the nature of the position where our legs are intertwined our partners thigh falls right on our clitoris. It is therefore very easy for the male to stimulate his partner simply by applying a bit of pressure with his thighs!

The man has nothing to complain about either in this position! It is not tiresome on the arms as many positions can be for him, it is easy to control the speed and rhythm and it allows for a deep penetration as well as an interesting degree of stimulation of the glans.

One last little note before I leave you to go practice (as you all know practice makes perfect!), this position is ideal for pregnant women; without any rough movements and no pressure on the abdomen and stomach areas it allows the partners to enjoy a relaxing sexual relationship late in the pregnancy without any of the inconveniences! Maybe this is why so many couples discover it at this point in their relationship!

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