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Sexualization of children in publicity; A sexologist reacts on radio

Although I have already addressed this subject a mere two weeks ago in my article Should a 10 year old be sexy? Vogue thinks so!!!, I want to share with you, the opinion of another sexual educator, Sophie Morin, interviewed on the radio this morning on a very similar situation. This morning on CIBL 101.5 here in Montreal, during the show Les Oranges Pressées, they were discussing a publicity campaign for Brazilian swimwear company Submarine Kids. With hair done up and make-up galore, we see young girls of no more than six or seven years of age in various poses with a suggestive attitude being portrayed.  Many people will see here simply some girls playing grown-up however Mme Morin cautions us to realize that this type of publicity does not suggest game play but mandates the children to give up a part of their childhood and “be ladies”. Let’s not forget that these pictures are taken and displayed with a lucrative commercial aspect well defined and not for the simple pleasure of playing dress-up so in reality we are marketing young girls bodies; a practice frowned upon particularly in North America. Mme Morin goes on to explain the impact this type of publicity  can have on men struggling with a deviant pedophile behavior and their therapists trying to get them to de-eroticise the child’s body. This type of media is basically sending very contradictory messages that are simply wrong in nature!

You may listen to the whole interview on the radio station’s website or directly by following this link. The interview is between 2h37 and 2h45 and lasts 8 minutes. It is in French however.

For more information and articles from Mme Sophie Morin visit here website or her Facebook page  (also in french).

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